To The Pointe Dance Academy 

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Why is TTP the Best Choice?

Highly Qualified Staff!

At To The Pointe, our staff is highly qualified. We have all adult instructors who each have 20+ years of dance experience. At TTP there are no student or teenage  teachers. To read our staff's full bios click here.



TTP is always one (or a few!) steps ahead! We work hard to get information out to parents quickly so everyone is prepared and well informed!


Plenty of Dancin' Space!

TTP features a 1600 sq ft dance room with high ceilings and lined with full length mirrors. Our dancers enjoy a floating hardwood floor which are best for preventing injuries and prolonging healthy joints.


Smaller Classes!

We believe receiving personal attention is essential for dancers to thrive! Dancers can easily fall through the cracks when classes are too large and not receive the best education possible.

Dance Class FAQ

Are there any addition fees?

Outside of monthly dance lesson tuition, there is a one time, annual registration fee. If you choose to participate in recital there is a separate fee to help cover the theatre, lights, and sound. There are also costume fees specific to each class.


How is tuition calculated and when is it due? How do I pay?

Our tuition is based off a yearly fee that has been divided into monthly payments. Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. There will be a $25 late fee added to any tuition each week tuition is unpaid. We accept cash, checks, cards and Chase QuickPay.


Is there a dress code?

Yes. At TTP we strongly believe in dressing for success! When you're dressed like a dancer, you dance like a dancer! You can find our dress code here. 


When is recital and is it mandatory?

Our annual recital is held in the Spring, close to the end of the school year. This year our recital is June 3, 2018 at Scott Theatre in Fort Worth, TX. Recital is not mandatory but the majority of our students do choose to participate. After a dancer has committed to participating in recital, they are responsible for all fees and rehearsals.


Can my child try a class before committing?

Yes! You may try one class for $10 before enrolling.


Can I watch my child during class?

Yes, you may watch your child's class streamed live on our TV!


When can I enroll my child?

TTP's dance year runs congruent with the school year. Enrollment begins in the summer and will end in January for classes performing in recital. If you wish to enroll after January, you can enroll in a once a week technique class. Level 1, 2 and 3 all have non-recital technique classes.