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 Class Descriptions

At To The Pointe, our class curriculum is written in-house and tailored to our students' individual needs. Each class level is carefully designed so that dancers can progress naturally & sequentially. Safety is a top priority and we never forcefully stretch young dancers' bodies beyond their developmental limits. Much like the phrase "you have to walk before you can run", we believe you have to "tendu before you can battement"! As ballet is the foundation of all other dance styles, we require all dancers in jazz, lyrical and pointe to be enrolled in ballet and recommend dancers in other genres to also enroll in ballet.  We believe ballet training is the key to being a successful dancer and find parents agree after seeing vast improvements in their dancer!

3 - 5 year olds Ballet/Tap Combo - These classes are designed to be fun and encouraging! Dancers practice fine motor skills and body awareness while getting all those silly wiggles out! Students learn basic ballet and tap moves (pliĆ©, tendu, shuffle) while having a blast dancing to fun and upbeat music! Dancers receive lots of encouragement to help build a positive self-image and lots of confidence. Dancers learn basic classroom behavior and etiquette (standing in line, waiting their turn) which prepares them for so many other experience, like Kindergarten!

Ballet - Dancers in our ballet classes build strength, grace, poise, and flexibility. Our classes are carefully designed to follow a logical progression of skills, allowing our students to see themselves advance. Their confidence soars as they see their hard work paying off (a great life lesson for all of us)! Dancers learn the standard dance positions and their corresponding French terminology. As dancers advance they are invited to begin pre-pointe work. 

Jazz  - Jazz is an exciting and upbeat form of dance! Dancers learn kicks, turns and work on improving their strength and flexibility. Styles of Jazz range from the dance you see on a Broadway stage, to the dance in a basketball half time show. Set to popular music, Jazz is pure energy and tons of fun!  

Lyrical -In lyrical, dancers learn how to isolate and contract the core muscles. Lyrical is slower paced and focuses on expression and flowing movements while utilizing the same 'tricks' learned in jazz.

Tap - Tap is a style of dance using precise rhythmic patterns of foot movement. Dancers learn increased coordination and rhythm. Students develop the ability to count music and keep time. Tap is a high energy style that really gets the heart pumping! Music selections can vary from Broadway to today's Top 40 and everything in between. 

Hip HopHip Hop is a fun fast paced dance class using a combination of jazz and some of todays popular dance moves. All hip hop choreography and music is age appropriate.

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